World’s Largest Domain Marketplace, SEDO, Refuses to List/Sell .DO Domains

By admin
Feb 18th, 2014

SEDO, the world’s largest domain marketplace, refuses to list/sell .DO domains, saying transfers are too difficult.

You can list and sell domains with hundreds of other domain extensions — some very, very obscure — but you still can’t list and sell .DO domains on SEDO.

After trying to get a straight answer from them time and time again, here’s the email response I received from SEDO on Jan. 8, 2014, regarding SEDO’s refusal to list/sell .DO domains:

Thank you for contacting us.

I’ve conferred with our transfer supervisor and we have previously tried to transfer them and had significant difficulties with the registry.

If you have any further questions or comments, please log into your Sedo account then visit our Customer Support Center at :: 161 First St :: Cambridge, MA 02142

tel 617-499-7200 :: fax 617-499-7219

District Council Cologne HRB 35019

Board of Management: Tobias Flaitz, Axel Hamann

Of course, SEDO has a right to list and sell only the domains it wants to list and sell. But as a customer, I also have a right to complain (publicly) if I wish.

Afternic, which is now owned by GoDaddy, is the second largest domain marketplace, and it gladly allows .DO domains to be listed and sold on the site.

But SEDO is still the best marketplace by far, and on a weekly basis, usually sells many times more domains than all the other domain marketplaces.

I’ve actually been trying to get SEDO to list .DO domains for the past two years, and was stonewalled every time I asked WHY.

Then a month ago, I finally received the answer above.

So I’m posting the info here and on another site, and I plan to keep making noise until SEDO changes its mind.


Because I’m in the .DO domain business, first of all.

And second of all, because .DO domains aren’t that difficult to transfer.

They just take a little longer, and have a few extra steps.

But WHEN YOU KNOW HOW to transfer .DO domains, the seller can do their part in ABOUT 15 MINUTES, and the BUYER can do their part in ABOUT 15 MINUTES.

Then it’s just a matter of waiting on the domain registrar to complete the transfer.

I’ve sold and transferred over 50 .DO domains, and I’ve purchased a number of them myself, that I had transferred to me (through the registrar).

So I’ve gone through the process nearly 60 times in the past two years, and it ain’t that hard!

DEAR SEDO: Please reconsider your policy and start allowing .DO DOMAINS to be listed and sold on SEDO.

I’ll be glad to walk your transfer supervisor through the .DO DOMAIN TRANSFER PROCESS. It really isn’t that difficult, I promise.


3/13/14 UPDATE: SEDO agrees to begin allowing .DO domains to be listed and sold in its marketplace — starting in approx. 4-6 weeks.