SEDO Changes Course: Will Soon Allow .DO Domains to be Listed and Sold on SEDO

By admin
Mar 13th, 2014

March 13, 2014

After 2+ years of SEDO refusing to allow .DO domains to be listed and sold in its marketplace, on Feb. 18, 2014, we posted an article here at YOUR.DO (and on another site here) entitled:


That was after we tried a number of times over the past two years to get SEDO management to change its mind — all to no avail.

Once the articles were posted last month, I began emailing SEDO again, letting them know about the articles, and again making the case for why .DO domains should be allowed on their platform.

I know SEDO is a large company, and people bitch about things all the time. But this time, they finally ‘gave me the time of day,’ which was nice.

After some back and forth with the Carla Lopez, SEDO’s Transfer Specialist for Spain and Latin America (.DO domains are registered in the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic), today, March 13, 2014, I heard back from Markus Gasber, SEDO’s Manager of Transfer Operations (based in Germany).

Here’s what he said: 

Thank you very much for you message and please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Markus Gasber and I am heading the Sedo Transfer department. I would like to give you an update about your inquire to add .Do domains for sale to our marketplace.

I can confirm that we did a research for the TLD .DO to resolve the question whether or not we will add .DO domains to our marketplace. Verifying the transfer process for .DO domains is one criteria as well as the restrictions on ownership updates.

We obtained already respective information’s from the .Do Nic and base on their positive feedback we are going to add the TLD to our marketplace.

I have to admit that due to internal procedures which we will have to follow it will take some time to implement and arrange the appropriate steps in our database.

Usually this can take 4 to 6 weeks and we will be back with more info upon receipt. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

I’m an atheist, but THANK YOU JESUS!  :)

SEDO isn’t only the world’s largest marketplace for reselling domains, it’s far and away the world’s largest marketplace for selling ‘COUNTRY CODE’ DOMAINS like .DO domains. According to DNJournal, SEDO “dominates ccTLD sales, and it is common for Sedo to account for 80% or more of all the weekly chart entries” (of country code domain sales reported each week by the major domain marketplaces).

So finally getting .DO domains listed for sale on SEDO should make a huge impact in .DO domain sales and values. Higher resale prices should be on the horizon, making .DO domains a better investment for the future than they are right now.

And personally, I still believe .DO domains have as much intrinsic value — for domains related to anything you can DO — as .ME domains have for things related to people, and as .TV domains have for things related to TV and video.

The world hasn’t discovered .DO domains yet, and we’re probably one to three years away from that happening (although I’m hoping to help speed up the process in the near future). But when the world finally does discover .DO domains and they begin to mainstream, premium .DO domains could and should eventually fetch decent five- and six-figure sale prices. We’ve already had some mid-four-figure sales, and .DO domains are just getting started.

What will you DO with .DO?

Mark Bradford