Who’s Using .DO?

Jan 12th, 2014

Hundreds of great .do domains are still available!  Click here to see a list of premium .do domains available for purchase


ANY.DO – Life-managing app with over 10 million users

SCHED.DO – Event scheduler owned by Microsoft / Yammer

LUMI.DO – Content curation – from the founders of Last.fm

HOWDOYOU.DO – Language learning

SLI.DO – Q & A platform for live events

DREAM.DO – Helping students dream and do!

POCKET.DO – Make your phone a spy cam

HELLO.DO – Medical records at your figertips

TOMORROW.DO – Online task list

BQ.DO – Korean skill development for kids


SHOUT.DO – Community sharing app

WANNA.DO – Create lists by email

NUDGE.DO – Mobile game monetization

BUSINESS.DO – Business webzine

SNAP.DO – Web browser tool suite

GONNA.DO – Things to do worldwide

LINKEA.DO – Spanish technology blog

STG.DO – Staged video sharing

BRO.DO – Indonesian footwear

SIMPLY.DO – B2B/CFO consulting

DECORA.DO – Brazilian interior design

AWESOME.DO – Create & manage events

MAKERS.DO – German tech startup group

FUTURE.DO – Plan your future!

LOOPTO.DO – Customer feedback tools

FLIGHT.DO – Long-term goals app

GOOD.DO – Build campaign websites fast

SMILE.DO – Hair salon photo app

LINE.DO – Turkish media timeline tool

HARRY.DO – German product design company

EXPLORE.DO – Indian travel site

DIG.DO – Web directory

360.DO – Japanese photography site

PLEASE.DO – Productivity app

LOOK.DO – Viral stories & videos

CAPICUA.DO – Dominican deals

JA.DO – German Web Agency

BUILD.DO – Innovative construction technology

THEY.DO – Creative branding agency

SOEN.DO – Japanese social/shopping site

BIT.DO – URL shortener

GAMES.DO – Spanish games site

ME2.DO – Korean URL Shortener

TAB.DO – Japanese restaurant review site

BRAIN.DO – US web design company

JS.DO – Online Javascript editor

BORKOWSKI.DO – London ad agency

WE.DO – Open engineering community

DN.DO – Domain business blog

COULD.DO – Planning app

FOREVER.DO – Chinese wedding website builders

CLOUD.DO – European hosting company

SS.DO – Dominican security company

WHY.DO – Answers to random why questions

EXP.DO – India air travel

– – – – – – –


JOHN.DO – John Saddington’s personal site

GUI.DO – Guido Jansen’s personal site

BEN.DO – Ben Sinclair’s personal site

CHRIS.DO – Chris Aquino’s personal site

FRANK.DO – Frank Jiménes’ personal site

BRAN.DO – Brandon Griffith’s personal site

DANIEL.DO – Daniel Immke’s personal site

ROLAN.DO – Rolando Alcantara’s personal site

THOMAS.DO – Thomas Kjemperud’s personal site

JOSE.DO – Jose Martin’s personal site

RYAN.DO – Ryan Harijanto’s personal site

GRAN.DO – Aaron Grando’s personal site

NICK.DO – Nick Thompson’s personal site

CARLOS.DO – Carlos Martinez’s personal site

MARK.DO – Mark Miller’s personal site

VICTOR.DO – Victor Casanova’s personal site

AARON.DO – Aaron Iglesias’ personal site

– – – – – – –


JIM.DO – Domain hack for Jimdo – Website builder

ZALAN.DO – Domain hack for Zalando – Shoe & fashion company

PROMO.DO – Domain hack for Promodo – Russian ad agency site

BIN.DO – Domain hack for Bindo – Store finding app

CAM.DO – Domain hack for CamDo – Camera company site

LEND.DO – Domain hack for Lenddo – Phillipines lending company

FAN.DO – Domain hack for Fandor – Movie site

KEN.DO – Domain hack for Kendo UI – App builder

ADI.DO – Domain hack for Adido – UK digital design company

STUDY.DO – Domain hack for Studydo – Asian teachers’ site

ORLAN.DO – Domain hack for Orlando – Mobile apps company

LEONAR.DO – Domain hack for Leonardo – Art discovery site

ZEN.DO – Domain hack for ZenFriend – Meditation app

TIM.DO – Forwards to TimothyMEvans.com – Personal site

CREATE.DO – Forwards to Guy Rosenhoiz’s About.me page

THINK.DO – Forwards to a Facebook page

– – – – – – –

Hundreds of great .do domains are still available!  Click here to see a list of premium .do domains available for purchase


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