.DO Domain Transfer Process

Jan 12th, 2014

We’ve sold and transferred over 80 .DO DOMAINS, and had a number of them transferred to us.


There are several steps in the .DO domain transfer process.

(1.) An online Domain Modification Form is submitted through the .DO domain registrar (which sends an auto-reply with a confirmation link that must be clicked by the current domain owner). This changes all the domain (whois) ownership/contact info, except for the Domain Holder (owner) within 24 hours.

(2.) A transfer letter is prepared and signed by the current owner of the domain (seller). That letter is emailed or faxed in to the domain registrar with a copy of the owner’s official photo ID (drivers license in the US, passport or similar in other countries).

(3.) The registrar also requires the new owner to email or fax in a copy of their official photo ID. (They require the IDs of both the buyer and the seller for fraud-prevention.)

(4.) The registrar sends an email to the new owner with a confirmation link that must be clicked to accept the standard domain registration terms and conditions.

(5.) The registrar manually changes the Domain Holder (owner) to the new buyer’s name, completing the transfer.

The process described above usually takes 2-3 business days (mainly waiting for the registrar). There’s no cost involved in the transfer.

Through this process, we’ve sold and transferred over 80 .DO domains to buyers around the world without any problems. We’ve also purchased a number of .DO domains from the people who owned them, and had them transferred to us (through the registrar).

For every .DO domain sale, once we’ve either received the funds directly, or Escrow.com has received the funds (and let us know), we always have our part of the domain transfer done within an hour. We submit the online form and email in the signed transfer letter (as a PDF), along with a copy of my photo ID, and at that point, our part of the transfer is 100% DONE.

After that, it’s just a matter of waiting on the registrar (and the buyer) to complete the process.


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Here’s some additional info on registering and hosting .DO DOMAINS:

.DO domains can only be registered through the exclusive .DO registrar. A few other domain registration companies allow you to register .DO domains through them, but they have to physically go to the .DO registrar themselves and register the domain for you after they take your order (a service we also provide).

So .DO domains can’t be directly registered anywhere else, and they can’t be ‘moved’ over to GoDaddy or anywhere else. The domains have to stay registered with the .DO registrar (NIC.DO), because they have the exclusive rights to .DO domain registrations. However, .DO domains CAN be hosted or parked ANYWHERE (including GoDaddy), and .DO domains rank like any other domain in the search engines. We currently have around 200 .DO domains hosted on a HostGator reseller account, and our DO websites get indexed in Google within days. We have several .DO sites under construction right now. You can also check out some other popular .DO SITES here.

I’ve been in the domain business since 1999, when I started registering .com domains and buying them from existing owners to resell. I’ve bought and sold hundreds of domains over the past 15 years, from a few hundred dollars up to $75,000. I started buying and selling .DO DOMAINS in late 2011, and now deal in them almost exclusively.

What will you DO with .DO?

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