Featured Site: JOHN.DO – Personal Blog Ranks in Top 20,000 of All U.S. Sites

By Mark Bradford
Feb 15th, 2014

John Saddington registered JOHN.DO on July 19, 2010, not long after .DO domains became available to the general public.

(I’ve been buying and selling domains since 1999, and didn’t ‘discover’ .DO domains myself until December of 2011 — and only then after randomly seeing an article about ebay filing a complaint against a cyber-squatter who registered ebay.do and paypal.do. Since then, of course, I’ve been obsessed with them.) 

John took a liking to .DO early, and he’s done very well with JOHN.DO.

At the time of this writing, John’s personal blog ranks 16,551 in the United States and 28,463 in the world — in terms of site traffic.
JOHN.DO is also a PR5 (Google PageRank 5), which is pretty cool, and also pretty difficult to achieve. It’s the site value — from 0 to 10 — that Google gives to all the sites it indexes. Most personal blogs are PR0 (zero) to PR3. For comparison, the Drudge Report is a PR7. Yahoo is a PR9. This site is a PR3.

John Saddington is a husband, father, hacker (the good kind), coder, app-developer, blogger, entrepreneur, business coach, mentor, speaker, seminary graduate, Chief Strategy Officer for The Iron Yard, and founder of Pressgram. He’s a busy man.

Here’s an excerpt from John’s blog — on why he chose the domain JOHN.DO:

I’ve been asked a few times what the meaning behind my personal branding page is all about in regards to the actual top level domain “.do” and I realized (finally?) after being asked a few times last week that I have never really written a post on the full background of my thinking around it.

This post will serve two purposes, the first being a place I can send people to understand more about the significance of my landing page (and the reason I use it as my primary email address domain) as well as a place I can fully clarify the depth of my thought process around it while showcasing the importance of such depth.

First, the .do is the ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) for the Dominican Republic and has been around since 1991 administered by NIC.do. When I first started seriously considered the be-all end-all domain name for my entire internet and online presence I wanted to make sure that I could get one that was simple, memorable, distinct, and meaningful.

For most people it’s nearly impossible to get the perfect domain name as most of them are taken already so I opted to head into the pool of international country codes since something like “John.com” was taken years ago.

To say that I had a systematic approach to coming around on http://john.do would be an absolute lie – it was an accident and simply the result of consistent thought over a period of time.

But what I knew was that I wanted it to mean something significant to me because if it didn’t then I’d quit and drop it just like I do with hundreds of other domains – it needed to persist because I’d be using it as my lifelong email address as well!

Here are some of the cursory reasons why I choose it:

  1. It’s simple.
  2. It’s easy to remember.
  3. Most people know how to spell “John” – sure, I get asked sometimes if it’s spelled with an “h” but not very often.
  4. It’s not just easy to remember, it’s memorable. A lot of people, when told the address, say something about how “that’s neat” or “that’s different” or “how did you get that?” – the followup question helps solidify it even more in their memory.

All those things are great and I reference some of those things in my ultimate guide to deciding on a domain name – but it’s much more than just those things to me and here are some bigger reasons why.

Click here to continue reading John’s blog post entitled, “The true meaning of the “do” in John.do

John had a lot of things in mind when he picked JOHN.DO as the domain name for his personal blog.

So… What will you DO with .DO?


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